Here are the most commonly asked questions that we receive about school bus transportation.

Can the bus driver change a stop location or add a new stop to the bus route?
No. Any request for a change to a stop location or for the addition of a bus stop must be made through the North East Tri-Board Student Transportation. After reviewing the request, North East Tri-Board Student Transportation will decide whether the request will be approved or denied, and notification will be given to the person making the request. All stops must be authorized by North East Tri-Board Student Transportation so that we can maintain accurate bus route information.

Who is responsible for my child on the way to and from the bus stop?
The parent/guardian is responsible for the safety and conduct of the child/children on the way to and from the bus stop and while they are waiting at the bus stop.

How do I find out if my child's bus is cancelled or delayed because of weather conditions?
In the event of inclement weather, all bus cancellations or delays will be reported to the local radio stations as early as possible in the morning. Cancellations or delays for unforeseen circumstances would also be announced on the radio.

Do you provide transportation to or from a caregiver's address when required, as well as to the home address?
Transportation may be provided to a caregiver's address if it is within the same school boundary and if there is seating space available on the bus. Transportation will not be provided to a location outside of the school boundary. The requested change must be a permanent one that will be the same on a daily basis.

What should I do if my child does not get off the bus at home in the afternoon?
If your child does not arrive home in the afternoon, the first step should be to contact the school to see if the child is still there. If the student is not at the school, the next step would be to contact the bus company. The bus company dispatch will contact the bus driver to see if the child is on the bus or if perhaps the student has gotten off the bus at a location other than at home. If you cannot contact the school or you do not know the name of the bus company, you may contact the North East Tri-Board Student Transportation.

My child has a long bus ride. Why can't he/she have a snack or a drink on the ride home from school?
Eating and drinking are not allowed on the bus for safety reasons. A child could choke on a piece of food and with the high seat backs and noise on the bus, the driver may not be aware of the situation until it is too late. Left over food and drink not only causes a mess, but can attract bees and wasps. Some students have a very severe reaction to bee stings and to some foods such as peanut butter. It is safer for everyone when the no eating and drinking rule is adhered to.

Would it be alright if my child took his/her pet rabbit to school on the bus?
No. Unfortunately pets are not allowed on the school bus. The main reason is a liability issue if someone is bitten or scratched by the animal. Secondly, some children are allergic to certain types of animals. Finally, if the pet escapes from it's cage or container, it would create a distraction for the driver causing a major safety concern. Parents/guardians must make alternate arrangements for pets to be transported to and from school.

If I have a safety concern about my child's bus driver, who should I contact?
If you have a concern regarding the driving ability of your child's bus driver, North East Tri-Board Student Transportation should be contacted. When a concern is received by this office, the bus operator is contacted and the situation is investigated. It is important to know your child's bus number.

If you have a concern regarding student behaviour on the bus, you should contact the school. The bus is considered an extension of the classroom and the Principal of the school is responsible for the student behaviour issues.

If my child has lost his bus riding privileges to and from school, may he/she catch another bus at a different bus stop?
No. When a student loses their bus riding privileges, they are not allowed to ride on any bus. Students are expected to attend school during the loss of riding privileges and parents/guardians are responsible for their transportation to and from school.


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