Here are a variety of safety tips to help both parents and students be more safe about school bus transportation.

Bus Safety

School bus safety training videos for students:

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From the Ontario Ministry of Transportation

  • Be at the school bus stop on time.
  • Wait in a safe place well back from the edge of the road.
  • Do not play in ditches or on snowbanks.
  • Enter the bus in a single file holding the hand rail.
  • Find a seat right away and stay seated facing forward at all times.
  • Do not place things in the aisle.
  • Avoid rowdy behaviour. Do not throw things or eat or drink.
  • Keep your arms and head inside the bus.
  • Never distract the bus driver. Always follow his or her instructions.
  • When you leave the bus, move away from the side. If you can touch the bus, you are too close.
  • If you drop something near the bus, never try to pick it up because its quite likely the bus driver can't see you. Ask an adult or the driver to help

Parents Can Be Serious Traffic Hazards

Buster The School Bus

Download this informative PDF file which will help parents to understand how they can become serious traffic hazards.


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